School of Hospitality & Tourism
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Growth for Malaysia’s hospitality and tourism industries have been exceptional in the past year and is expected to strengthen together with Asia-Pacific countries as forecasted by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation. Against this backdrop, our students can be assured that future career prospects within these thriving industries will be greatly promising.

Our course is distinctive as it is comprehensively structured around three core areas namely, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism.  This enables flexible transitions and versatile career options across all these sectors. Underpinning these specialist areas is an education which is also strongly focused on business management skills thus ensuring that you are work-ready for any business environment.
You will enjoy a well-established reputation amongst our industry partners both local and global, because of the multiple disciplines within the course.

Apart from these, many other opportunities also abound as you practice what you learn in simulated scenarios or in real-life industry-based projects due to our varied teaching and learning approaches. Along the way, you will develop critical and creative problem-solving skills amongst other life skills. These are the skills which will make you well sought after because you are highly adaptable.

There will be many defining experiences that you will encounter while at OPTIMA but one will stand out, and that is an global internship and/or Global Student Exchange Programme during which you will apply what you have learnt by making comparative analyses of the hospitality industry of regional and international destinations. Your learning journey culminates in a one semester internship to a company which you will be guided to select. This final destination in your learning journey ensures that you are more than well-prepared to assimilate into the work-life of your chosen hospitality or tourism career.

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