International Student – Process and Procedure
Kindly note that ONLY OPTIMA representatives will meet the students on arrival. To ensure a smooth process before and after arrival, kindly refer to the guide below:

  STEP 1
Kindly note that ONLY OPTIMA representatives will student must ensure that the Airport Arrival Form with the following details is faxed to International Office (Services) or e-mailed to the IO (Services) staff at the relevant campus five (5) working days prior to arrival in Malaysia.

  STEP 2
OPTIMA International Office will acknowledge receipt of the student's Airport Arrival Form and provide the name and contact details of the OPTIMA officer who is meeting the student at the airport.

  STEP 4
Please fill up the disembarkation card which will be provided by the airline or obtainable at the airport arrival hall.

  STEP 3
Before departure, a student must bring along the following documents:

A)  Valid Passport
B)  High School certificates
C)  Original copy of VAL or Valid Entry Visa (for nationals who require a visa to enter Malaysia)
D)  Medical certificate / Report / Yellow Fever Card

  STEP 5
Upon arrival at KLIA / LCCT, you are required to proceed to the Immigration Office. If you are unsure of the direction, please approach the airport staff for assistance.

  STEP 6
Arrivals at KLIA / LCCT: Please proceed to the Immigration Office to wait for an OPTIMA officer to escort you through the Immigration checkout point for clearance.

An OPTIMA officer will normally wear an OPTIMA t-shirt and carry OPTIMA signage.

Please be reminded that Immigration will not release a student without the presence of an OPTIMA  officer.

Therefore, prior notification of arrival is important. Only a student with Student Pass Approval Letter can receive clearance to leave the airport.

  STEP 7

The OPTIMA officer will help you to check-in at the hostel (if you have booked a room in OPTIMA's hostel). If not, the Officer will help you check-in at a hotel near the campus (within 5 km). If the hotel is more than 5 km from the campus, the OPTIMA officer will arrange for a cab to take you there from the campus.

  STEP 1
You must report to International Office (Services) upon arrival or the next working day during office hours (Mon - Fri, 9 am - 6 pm). The following needs to be done at International Office (Services):

Completion of Relevant Forms
A)  Student Data Form
B)  Insurance Form
C)  Letter of Understanding
D)  College Refund Policy
E)  Briefing for New Students

Students will be briefed by International Office (Services) staff on the following:
A)  International Office (Services)
B)  Functions & responsibilities
C)  Attendance
D)  Leave / Absence
E)  Student Pass
F)  Insurance
G)  Other Matters - A Bank Letter will be given to you to open a bank account.

You will be given one (1) week to settle such matters after which you must submit your passport to International Office (Services) for endorsement of your student pass by the Immigration Department. You are advised not to make any travelling plans while your passport is still with Immigration.

  STEP 2
You will then proceed to the Accommodation Office for reporting. The Accommodation Office will then brief you on the hostel rules & regulations and an invoice will be generated for you to make payment.

  STEP 3
You will have to sit for the English Placement Test unless you have been exempted from taking the test.

  STEP 4
After the release of English Placement Test results, you will then proceed with subject / course enrolment with the assistance of International Office (Services) staff.

  STEP 5
You have to submit your passport to the International Office (Services) one (1) week from your arrival date for student pass endorsement. You will be given certified true copy of your passport info page and an acknowledgement slip as your temporary identification. Failure to submit your passport for student pass endorsement may result in your overstaying on your current pass.

  STEP 6
Once you have enrolled and your timetable has been issued, you have to attend classes according to your time-table.


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