The Concept of GUN is a concept developed by the new management team in view of the global education and economic challenges and change.

The future sees a learning environment without borders, and for this Institutions like us will have to prepare of graduates to be the graduate of the future – with a strategy of Study Local and Work Global – SLWG

We have established a Network In PR China and India and we are working to position OPTIMA, Malaysia to bridge these two great economies with a huge affluent society with unlimited needs for tertiary education.  OPTIMA has established a international network and this network is growing with many more in the pipeline. 
A potential student from any one of our network can do parts of the study in any one of this country and opt to graduate at our partner Institution of choice.

This network will allow for among others to promote:

Collaborative Work
Resource Sharing
Faculty Exchange
ISEP – study abroad
International Students Exchange Programme
Possible Internship/Placement for the Future

PR China and India as two of the largest economies is and will be attracting work force from the first world.  The first world is facing a challenging era in providing education with rising cost and reduced applicants to the Institutions.  In view of this and the shift in the global focus to PR China and India, OPTIMA in Malaysia is well placed as a hub to bridge this two world power economies.  We believe and are confident that we will not only be able to attract students to OPTIMA from the ASEAN region which has a population of more than 600 million but also from the two largest populated countries in the world i.e. PR China and India with a combined population of close to about 2.7 billion.  ASEAN, PR China and India are all with larger young population who are in need of tertiary education.  We want to play a role in this sector.

OPTIMA has representation in Beijing, PR China and in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.  These offices will work towards establishing a network of Collaborative Partners both Institutional and Industry. 

Apart these offices will counsel and recruit for all the programmes that are offered at OPTIMA.

First world students in OPTIMA
The rising cost of higher education and the need for exposure in ASIA are two factors that enhances OPTIMA’s confidence that with the right programme and collaboration, we will be able attract students from the first world and reverse the student flow from west to east. 


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