Diploma in Management
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Optima’s Diploma in Management has been designed to stand as a qualification on its own and also as a pathway to obtaining a Degree. This programme provides students with pre requisite knowledge and pragmatic skills needed in building a career in Business at a Managerial level. This is programme is further designed to mould graduates who will be equipped with entrepreneur skills with capacity and resourcefulness to establish new and innovative enterprises. The objective of this programmes is to provide human capital with higher order thinking skills coupled with personal development guideline. It is our goal to produce graduates with creative and critical thinking skills who are able to provide analytical, innovative and comprehensive solutions at the workplace. The programme learning outcomes revolve towards shaping graduates who are sensitive to the needs and demands of the market place. Our practical approach will prepare our graduates to have basic skills need to address the demands of the industry.

The learning outcomes include all the expected competencies: possession of knowledge in specific fields, use of ICT, intellectual skills in critical thinking, problem solving and creative decision making, life-long learning skills, practical and entrepreneurial skills, ability to communicate and work in a team, possession of attitudes and values of a responsible citizen such as sensitivity to the needs of society, a participation in community affairs and willingness to learn, adapt and change.


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